About Synergy

Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center was founded in 2011 with the intent to offer holistic, complimentary health and fitness services to residents and visitors of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center features a state of the art, full service gym and outpatient healthcare clinic offering on-site integrative medicine, nutritional counseling, clinical psychology, physical and occupational therapies, therapeutic massage, personal training, and links to other beneficial alternative therapies in the Virgin Islands.


Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center will be a model for holistic integrative healthcare in the Virgin Islands; providing the best of modern medical treatment and complimentary skilled therapies, both conventional and alternative, to facilitate the body’s innate healing response, promote health, and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center is a consortium of complimentary skilled professionals dedicated to the concept of integrative health care and practice of using all common pathways for self-healing and sustainable well-being.

Treatment Philosophy

Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center is a place of total healing. We treat each client individually in 60-90 minute sessions in either private rooms or in our intimate gym facility. There is never a wait for scheduled appointments. All care is provided by licensed therapists or doctors. We do not use aides for treatment programs. All aspects of care are completely confidential as required by law.